Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I guess Horwitz is not much of a salesman

14 minute meeting today.

Cost me money in the "how quick will the meeting be" pool.

I took under 11 minutes.

I might have won if Bulgaro hadn't asked a question that Calnero couldn't answer.

For that matter if Calnero hadn't spoken at all I win and the world is no worse off for not hearing what she had to say.

Is it me or is she starting to sound like Mike Furnari? (inside joke for the staff).

But back to the meeting.

The single most important statement was made by Chairman Horwitz reporting on the secret actions taken in the secret executive session. (remember you only have to report things you vote on and you should release the vote totals - ask Bob Freeman)

He said JJOKE is continuing the effort to recruit an executive director to replace Biben.

I guess more people read the blog than want to admit it.

Horwitz could not muster enough votes to appoint the 2nd floors selection.

Now don't get me wrong he had enough votes to constitute a majority but they want it to be unanimous - maybe one or two ravi batra type dissents but overwhelmingly in favor.

Horwitz may not be a salesman but he can count votes and he is too good a lawyer to ask a question when he doesn't like the answer.

But back to sales if the customer isn't buying your product you need incentives.

Think of it as a buy one get two free sale.

Here's the deal Dan and it will work.  You get the executive director and the majority in the senate and assembly get the general counsel and the press officer.

It's a layup and Monica doesn't want to stay, anyway the second floor will get her a good gig somewhere in NYC and you end up with addition by subtraction getting rid of the human smokestack (did anyone see him trip over the teleconference wire?  if commissioners at remote sites couldn't hear it was Milgrams fault).

More importantly everyone starts to feel comfortable again with guns pointed at each others heads.

If you don't like that idea you better hope no one from the legislature suggests Tina S. as the solution.

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