Monday, June 17, 2013

IDC Initiative who are they? and why aren't they registered as lobbyists?

Since I know at least Ken Lovett and the Daily News read the blog and will followup on my unregistered lobbyist queries I'll try again in the hopes that the overpaid under talented lacking a leader crowd at JJOKE may WAKE UP and do some work.

Watch this ad

Now I might not know everything about the definition of lobbying and I know plenty of folks think I'm wrong when I say the State Democratic Party should be registered as lobbyists for their ads (btw all those folks that say political parties are exempt from lobby registration please cite me the section of the Lobby Act that says thats the case) but this ad is clearly lobbying and it says it is paid for by the IDC Initiative. 

Somebody at JJOKE please wake up and open a file on the IDC Initiative as an unregistered lobbyist.

For the three monkey crowd at the LCA you might want to think about asking some questions.

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