Friday, June 14, 2013

What's the big secret? Times Union editorial close but no bullseye

The Times Union has an editorial today about JJOKE and it's secrecy

Since I'm on a roll with the media's role as enabler in Albany's ethics swamp let me continue.

The editorial is spot on when it says there is no legitimate reason for the continued secrecy at JJOKE.  By the way that has been the case for the last 6 years but better late than never when it comes to the media noticing the obvious.   But the Times Union editorial board falls into the same old "lets pass legislation to fix this problem" mantra.  Worse this time the editorial gives the individual commissioners a pass . . . it's not their fault, according to the editorial, the law doesn't allow disclosure.  HORSESHIT!!!!! or as Marcel Proust would say CONNERIES!!!!!!! (proper punctuation?). 

IT"S THE PEOPLE STUPID as I blogged yesterday the commissioners can disclose anything they want to about Gropergate, the law allows them to, all they need to do is make a motion and pass a resolution.  All the media needs to do is read the law (I posted it on my blog) and start asking the commissioners some questions . . . like why don't you disclose this information.  When they give you the conneries about the law will not allow it ask them to explain why they don't use the part of the statute that permits them to authorize the disclosure of this information and then print the no comment response.

In case you don't know who the commissioners are here is a list, their phone numbers are easily found (just look at past blog entries):

Dan Horwitz - Cuomo appointee
David Arroyo - Cuomo appointee
Patrick Bulgaro - Silver appointee
Joe Covello - Skelos appointee
LaShann DeArcy - Sampson appointee
Vince DeIorio - Cuomo appointee
Mitra Hormozi -Cuomo appointee
Marvin Jacob - Silver appointee
Seymor Knox - Cuomo appointee
Gary Lavine - Cuomo appointee
Mary Lou Rath - Skelos appointee
David Renzi- Kolb appointee
George Weissmann- Skelos appointee
Ellen Yaroshefsky - Silver appointee

All you need is eight of the fourteen to agree that the information the Times Union is seeking may be released - problem solved.

But if you never ask you are delusional if you think you will get the information.

"Nine tenths of the ills from which intelligent people suffer spring from their intellect.”

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