Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2 men in a room

No that's not the result of Preet's arrest of Shelly although Carl needs to get in that room before someone else gets arrested.

No I'm talking about how many JJOKE commissioners actually attended the JJOKE meeting today in Albany . . . 2 . . . out of 12    Just 2.

Guys and Gals on JJOKE we already knew you gave up a long time ago that was evident from your actions but if you can't muster the dedication to make one meeting a month, meeetings that are scheduled months ahead of time, THEN RESIGN.

Chairman Horwitz went even further and stated the reason he stayed in NYC to chair the meeting by remote control was because he was concerned that AMTRAK would be delayed and hold everyone up  BULLSHIT Dan.  If you took  train 63 that left Penn station at 730 am you would have arrived in Albany at 10am  That train was more than 5 minutes late once in the last week and it wasn't today.  Tell the truth you did not want to take the time to travel to Albany, we get it, but once again if you can't put in the time don't accept the appointment.  And don't make it worse with lies and excuses.

If Carl appoints me I will be at every meeting and if other commissioners aren't putting in the effort I will call them out publicly.  No more Renee Roth cackling that she can't see or hear anyone.  Get off your ass Renee and travel to Albany.  OR RESIGN.  You shouldn't be on this commission anyway you are a partisan hack.  You too big Paul, and I love you Marvin, you're a menshe, but your rabbi is gone and so is your reason for continuing to embarrass yourself.

Siena is out with a poll that says the voters want ethics reform but they want an on time budget more.  Why can't you have both?

If Carl appoints me to JCOPE I'll get you real meaningful ethics reform before April 1 and the three men in the room (for as long as they are in the room and not in Preet's room) can get an on time budget done.

Problem solved.  It's all on you Carl.  By the way I saw a picture of you with Dov Hikind, who was your shadow at the table?  Was that Patrick Jenkins?  You guys hang out a lot huh?  I'm hearing if you need Carl you need to hire Patrick.  Careful guys that can be a dangerous thing if no one is guarding your six.  Lotta folks in this town loading up to take pot shots at you.

As for me and ethics get me on JCOPE it's time for me to:

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