Monday, February 23, 2015

I'm not playin

So tomorrow is another JJOKE meeting.

Carl still hasn't called.

And Shelly's appointees are still on JJOKE.

Let's see if any of the three, Marvin Jacobs, Renee Roth and Gary Busey (I know it's Big Paul Casteleiro but he really does remind me of Gary Busey) actually make an appearance in Albany so the press can ask them some questions.

I am getting some calls from people around Carl wanting to know if I am serious about my candidacy or if I'm just f***ing with the readers.  Since my son and his friends read the blog and are actually interested in Albany and the corruption that they hear me talking about they asked a very similar question and pointed out that my musical tastes don't connect with there generation.  And that if I want them to keep reading I have to show some empathy to what they listen to.  So Jason, Matt and Blaine here is my answer in music you can identify with, for the older folks don't listen it will offend you.'t&FORM=VIRE3#view=detail&mid=B6468BFC2C9CAEB9F8A7B6468BFC2C9CAEB9F8A7

OK guys that won't become a habit but every now and then I will keep it real.

Speaking of keeping it real the gov is out with his 5th or 6th ethics reform (but whose counting) that I recall from recent memory.  Once again are the suggested changes better than what we have? probably . . . will they prevent the need for a governor in the near future to propose another ethics reform to stop Albany's corruption? not a chance.  And that's the danger that we accept the next "ethics reform" as the answer.  It's not.  Until we get aggressive independent ethics regulators the coverups and witch hunts will continue.

I'll give you a simple example.  The legislature has responded and said Cuomo should hold himself to the same standard as he is holding them.  OK that's a reasonable political response but what are they going to do about it?  Here's an idea for those JJOKE commissioners with there collective heads in the sand or each others rear ends ask the following question at the meeting tomorrow.  It's not new the legislature has already brought it up and it's a legitimate question.

Given the triangle offense that Preet is preaching (Shelly helps developer with legislation > developers LLC's send business to lawfim> who send $ to Shelly) should JCOPE investigate the governors book deal with Harper Collins?  Most of the commissioners are so clueless they have no idea what I'm talking about.  But in the example above if you substitute Cuomo for Shelly and Harper Collins for the law firm a similar potential scheme emerges.  I can hear them now "It's totally different Harper Collins didn't get anything in the way of government help from the gov"  that's true but much like the developer sent biz thru it's LLC's to the law firm, Harper Collins is owned by The News Corp who is the client of a registered lobbyist.  Now I have no way of knowing if a quid pro quo took place but isn't it worth JJOKE asking before Preet does?  And as an aside for those that say it's completely different because Cuomo disclosed his book deal in his financial disclosure.  Ask yourself did he really?  take a look he calls the half million or more that he received in 2013 a "royalty"  yet the book hadn't been published yet.  Royalty is commonly defined as "a payment to an author or composer for each copy of a work sold"  when the book hasn't been written yet much less sold it's an advance or just a regular fee not a royalty.  Given the amount of books sold one must ask what did Harper Collins / News Corp get for there payment?  I would think JJOKE has a legitimate right to ask to see the agreement that resulted in this large payment and to depose the parties involved.

If you want to start to restore confidence in the system Mr. Cuomo you should call for that investigation and the release of the work that goes into it yourself . . . so that no one can question your motives or those of Harper Collins or News Corp.

As for you Carl give me a call I'm starting to wonder about your ethics and rest assured if I was a JCOPE commissioner I'd be telling the staff at JCOPE to start investigating all sorts of things I've been wondering about.  The worst case is there is nothing there or maybe that's the best case.  You need someone to watch the detectives.

Jason, Matt and Blaine that's when music was really music and yes I am old

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