Friday, October 2, 2015

If a JJOKE review Commission cancels it's public hearing does anyone care?

The answer to that question is NO

I live for reviewing JJOKE and I don't care.  It's one less hypocritical outrage for me to deal with.

Patty Salkin and her commission never intended to actually review JJOKE and they certainly did not want me to ask them how they could do their review without asking for even the most basic data, so as far as I'm concerned all that's left is to find out which accomplished independent lawyer got the call from Cuomo's office to cancel the hearing.  

Sure they will hold it in NYC where only the good government groups will show up.  No one from the media that has already written off JJOKE (and that's everyone) will be there.  And if I can't get in front of some tv cameras why should I travel.  Hell I can blog about my thoughts and reach as many people who care about this issue as any reporter in NYC that attends can.   Wait a minute I've been doing that for 7 years.

Barbara Bartoletti what do you think about the cancellation?  These are all accomplished independent lawyers that must have a good reason . . . right?


See no need for a review commission it's always the people.

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