Thursday, October 15, 2015

Volker is tone deaf on independence and ethics

Former Senator, Dale Volker presided over what may have been one of the most underwhelming public hearings on ethics ever held, and that is quite the accomplishment.  Ordinarily I would post a link for the readers to watch but I can not subject you to that.  If you want the link go to Chris Bragg's story in the Times Union and be prepared to waste a couple of hours, I did.

Bragg's article does point out though a very telling request made by Volker of Cuomo for staff to do the work of the JERKOFF commission.  Telling for several reasons.

First it should garner Volker an award for most tone deaf statement made by an independent review commission charged with determining if outside political influence has had a role at JJOKE.  I'm pretty sure Preet will not ask Shelly or Dean to borrow their staff to help in his investigation.  Nor would Spitzer ask Silda to use her credit card to book that hooker.  Now I admire Dale's honesty in telling us he did actually ask Cuomo for staff but COME ON MAN you can't be serious that you are so unaware of your role as to actually do that.

It makes my FOIL request for communications between JERKOFF and the Cuomo administration even more important.  Channeling Dale let me be honest, when I asked for those communications I was taking a shot in the dark, I didn't really believe JERKOFF would be foolish enough in this environment to have communications with Cuomo.  Now we know they did all that is left is too watch how far JERKOFF will go to cover it up.

After watching Dale complain about the lack of staff and amount of paper they have collected (and yes I will want to read every document) I know what Volker's next move is.  It will be the same one every other unpaid member of an ethics panel that steps on their dick does.  He will say they are volunteers and don't have the time or resources to do the job.  Big surprise.

Now it is left to some poor volunteers from New York Law School to write a report about an issue they have no real feeling for nor data to work with.  JJOKE is not a proper subject for a law review article. 

Mr. Volker save us all the trouble of reading a poorly researched, boring rewrite of the same old same old good government horseshit we've read before and just say that because of a lack of cooperation from JJOKE no report can be written.

IT'S THE PEOPLE DALE, including you.

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