Friday, January 8, 2016

A pledge is what we need

Can you believe in the corruption capital of the free world our good government groups after years of hapless efforts to get ethics reform after ethics reform have come to the brilliant conclusion that the next ethics reform should be a pledge.

What's next pinkie swears?  Double dog dare you? The check is in the mail? I won't cum in your mouth?  Oops that last one might be too coarse.  No on second thought given JJOKE's propensity to investigate sexual harassment in the legislature it's more likely an excerpt from some Senator or Assemblyman's staff meeting.

And JJOKE's answer to corruption?  an opinion on tweeting.

News flash the real story is JJOKE's search for it's next boss.

Preet told us already the real problem in Albany is the enabling that goes on.

You want to stop the enabling?  change the people not the laws

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