Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Eliminate JJOKE before they hurt people . . . like the Governor

Do you think the Governor watched the JJOKE meeting today?

If he did he has no choice but to eliminate JJOKE and start from scratch.

JJOKE is his commission.

The Chairman Dan Horwitz is his appointment

The next Executive Director Kevin Gagan is his minion.

JJOKE is Andrew Cuomo's embarrassment.

Sure we can blame the legislative leaders for appointing some of the most clueless commissioners anywhere in government.  Did anyone notice that Commissioner Smalls did not know that there is a $5000 threshold to register as a lobbyist?  How can JJOKE issue opinions when it's own commissioners have never read the law?

But at the end of the day JJOKE is Andrew's fault.

So if the consultants and PR firms want to blame someone for what happened today blame the Governor, JJOKE is his.

If on the other hand you accept that JJOKE is merely incompetant, and they are, and are not looking to blame anyone but merely to play the game by whatever idiotic rules JJOKE now imposes give me a call at 5184618635.  If you want to register and report I can make it easy for you as I have for any number of large and small lobbying firms.  If you don't want to register I can protect you and show you how to avoid JJOKE and it's incompetency.  And if you want to fight JJOKE I'd love to do it for you, it would be like taking candy from a baby.  And right now I'd love to watch Dan Horwitz throw a temper tantrum.

And on that note let me emphatically state that Dan Horwitz is a liar.  He promised me an interview for the executive director job they are giving to Kevin Gagan.  Dan's word is worthless but that's not really a surprise is it.

A bad chairman for a worse commission.  They all deserve to have to answer questions under oath.

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