Wednesday, January 6, 2016

If JJOKE was an NFL franchise it would be the Cleveland Browns

It's that time of year.

NFL teams are firing and hiring coaches.

And JJOKE is still looking for it's next Executive Director.

It's been almost six months that JJOKE has been rudderless, some would argue it's been closer to six years.

JJOKE's chairman, Dan Horwitz has told us that the next JJOKE boss will be selected by their next meeting in a couple of weeks.

Has anyone heard who they are selecting?

Has anyone heard who they are interviewing?

I can tell you that I have NOT been interviewed.

But I don't know who has.

Without sounding too arrogant, if I can't even get an interview the candidates that are being interviewed and the one they will select must be pretty special.

I have decades of experience in the field.

A proven track record of success.

Unquestioned independence.

I've been endorsed by the good government groups, the media and the following JJOKE commissioners:

Gary Levine has called me brilliant.

Marvin Jacobs has assured me of his support.

And Dan Horowitz told me at the last meeting I would be interviewed, of course he also said he doesn't have enough votes to pass an opinion on tweeting so really what does his support mean?

Well enough of my ego the real question is if I'm not even good enough for an interview how good is the person they are selecting?

Are they bringing back LT or Biben or Ginsberg or Teitelbaum/

How about DiFiore or Cherkasky or Feerick or our USAG Loretta Lynch?

All these supremely qualified people have had stints in one form or another leading JJOKE or PIC and yet NY has suffered through almost a decade of lax or no ethics enforcement and poorly managed ethics agencies.

When is enough enough?

The least JJOKE can do is follow the NFL model and tell us who they are bringing in for interviews.

Maybe they can get Rob Ryan.  Not even the Browns would be that stupid.

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