Thursday, December 31, 2015


It took JJOKE 2 years to stick a fork in this one.

I gave the public a solution to Public Officials acting like drunken frat boys in December of . . . 2013

Does anyone really believe Lopez and Grabass are the only 2 pigs in the capital?

But it was nice to see that JJOKE does understand the misuse of public property for personal gain being a violation of the public officers law.

Do you think they will ever apply that standard to the governor and his book deal and  book promotion?

How about just applying it to the governors staff emails?

Any government employee, male or female, that feels they are being sexually harassed should immediately notify JJOKE.

In fact any government employee, male or female, that gets invited to lunch, or for drinks or for a nooner should immediately notify JJOKE.

Can you imagine how busy JJOKE would be?

JJOKE the guardians of the states sexual ethics.

As long as it keeps them busy so they don't have time to do the job they were created for.

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