Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Twas the night rhyme

Twas the night before Preet put an end to JJOKE 


Twas the night before Christmas and all thru the JOKE

No staffers were working since they all thought Gagan was a moke


All opinions must wait for the commissioners to decide

But until Andy tells Horowitz what to do they are just along for the ride


Biben’s posse has been kicked out of their nest

All except Monica who with her spot in the lifeboat secured she said to hell with the rest


Biben was gone a judgeship Andy did give thee

Who do they think they are kidding her and DiFiore are two nuts from the same tree


Gagan’s appointment will prove to all that the JOKE is being run

By a governor who is shoveling ethics bullshit by the ton


With two leaders off to jail

It’s no wonder Andy looks pale


Now the word is out

And Preet has begun to shout


Indict, indict, Shelly and Dean have been found guilty

Everyone thinks Andy’s next but I’m betting on Heastie


And while Preet empties Albany into jail cells

JJOKE meets to debate if tweeting deserves a sentence in lobby hell


But it doesn’t matter anymore JJOKE has been exposed

Just a bunch of ass clowns jumping thru hoops and doing as they are told


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I’ve drawn a line in the sand 

When people don’t do the job I’ll do all that I can to get them shitcanned


I applied for the top job but I can’t even get an interview let me assure you I’m pissed

If you have any doubts just look at my list


I’ve retired more JJOKERS than social security

When faced with my blog most JJOKERS decide just to flee


Andy can keep giving judgeships to hacks like Ellen and DiFiore, the grinch

This year I’m focusing on Cavullo and Levine but will settle for Dawn Smalls in a pinch


Let’s not forget LT hired Harford and Hamilton on Gagan’s say so

Who she brought in at $165000 with hopes he’ll get to run the show.


So now we’ve got one of Andy’s hind lickers

Kevin is his name

He thinks he is the top dog now

But once he gets the nod I’ll add him to my list of those who can take the blame


It took LT six months to get herself appointed

It will take longer than that for Andy to get Gagan anointed


Many calls I did get from cops who are Gagan’s foes

This guy Gagan’s a wimp it will take only one blow


Kevin has refused to speak with me on more than one occasion

I’ve seen this before when Ginsberg was the answer to the equation


Let me try one last time to be helpful

In this Holiday season

Your staff can’t stand you except for Martin, John and Stacy Hamilton



When all else fails do what past leaders did best

Have Monica call a staff meeting you must quell the unrest


With their heads filled with nothing cause their dopes one and all

Jeanine and Deb said not us we’re taking a long lunch at the mall


Jeanine has the right to go to the mall since she retired and only works part time

But $30k for one day a week should be a crime


When all of a sudden the phone it did ring

Its Horowitz calling “The governors upset it’s become quite disturbing”


What I can do, Gagan nervously stammered

Shut the fuck up, no more interviews with Bragg you must have been hammered


It wasn’t my fault Gagan wimpered and pleaded

Grandeau tricked me and made me think the press needed to be feeded


So here’s some advice Kevin, so you don’t join the long line

Of clueless ethics cops Grandeau has forced to resign


Lest we forget I got Herb and then I got  Barry

I got Biben as well and LT left because it got scary


And so I heard him exclaim as he flew through the sky

Gagan’s not the answer you know I must try


With a prod and a poke

To get Preet to investigate JJOKE



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