Friday, December 11, 2015

Gagan and I have nothing to talk about

I feel like I just got stood up on a date.

LT has been telling me for weeks I have to give Gagan a chance, she is vouching for him and I should get to know him. have a cup of coffee, be nice to him since he is having a rough time of it.

And I have tried.  I call him but he will not take my call.

I stop in and invite him for coffee, he has a staffer tell me he will not talk to me without LT being present (how weird is that?  it's like he is a little kid that needs his sister to go to the prom with him).

Ordinarily I would just chalk it up to his just not being in to me, in that regard he would be no different than other former superstars of ethics officials Barry Ginsberg or Mike Cherkasky or Herb Teitelbaum (actually Teitelbaum used to have coffee with me before he started covering up for Spitzer) anyway I can deal with JJOKE staffers that either are afraid of me or just plain don't like me but I think Gagan is a different kind of cat.  I'm getting a strong whiff of bully mixed with his wimpyness,  And yesterday proved it for me.

I was at JJOKE dropping off documents when who walks into reception?  Kevin Gagan!!! 

Me: Hey Kev lets grab a coffee.

Him: I don't drink coffee

Me: No problem I'll get you a cup of tea . . . or hot cocoa if you prefer.

Him: Zip he just ignores me and walks into the conference room and closes the door.

2 minutes later he emerges pulling Chief Investigator Patrick Coultrie along on a leash like a whipped dog

Me: Comeon Kev let's make a date and get to know one another we have a lot to talk about

Him: We have nothing to discuss

and out of the room he goes

Nothing to discuss?


We have both applied for the same job.  I'm qualified and you're not how about we discuss that?

We could talk about those two high paid staffers you brought with you and how close they really are to one another.  Only a really bad manager purposely puts himself in that position.

We could talk about those draft opinions you and your boys wrote on campaign contributions and consultants  I might be able to show you how little you truly know about the Lobby Act

Or we could talk about your investigating your buddy the governors book deal.

Or we could talk about the misuse of state resources to benefit another (you don't see that one coming but you will soon)

Or we could talk about why you left the State Police (I'm getting lots of anonymous emails about you.)

Or we could talk about your financial disclosure report.  Specifically why a guy whose wife must be worth Billions, that's right with a B Billions, is so hung up on getting a job that only pays $160000 and which he is going to be terrible at. 

How do I know Kevin Gagan's wife is worth Billions? 

Because he said so on his own financial disclosure report in 2011.

His wife Mary Jeanne Hetzler Gagan, who is a consultant for NTT Data (I wonder if they have state contracts?) owns 100% of the stock of Microsoft, Cisco, Dell and Nokia.

Wow that is one rich chick.

Now of course she doesn't own 100% but Kevin made a mistake in filling out his financial disclosure form.

That doesn't make him a bad person it just means he isn't the right person to run JCOPE.

It's the same as getting parking tickets in your official County vehicle.  Wrong for JCOPE but maybe Gagan can be named to the Court of Appeals.

I've never had coffee with anyone on the Court of Appeals so you would be safe there Kev.

So that there is no confusion Kevin I now officially put you in the same category as Teitelbaum, Ginsberg and Biben.   Let's see how long you last.  Don't mess up people are watching and you have lots of enemies, trust me lots.

I'd tell you who but we have nothing to talk about.

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