Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hey JJOKE #AmIalobbyist? or #youareidiots or #justresign

So here we are in the corruption capital of the United States and our ethics agency holds it's monthly do nothing meeting.

No recognition that the two legislative leaders were just convicted of public corruption by federal authorities while JJOKE continues to try to figure out what it is they should be doing.

No attempt to communicate to the public that there is nothing to worry about because JJOKE is there to be the state's ethical compass.


The opinions they have been working on since this summer don't appear any closer to being voted on.  They just keep being revised to suit the needs of the second floor  oops the regulated community.  It looks an awful lot like they can't muster the votes.   You have to be brain dead not to have been able to see that one coming.

But have no fear.  Out ethics watchdog is chomping at the leash to stake out a position on . . .  tweeting.

I swear to god Martin Levine spent 20 minutes trying to explain why tweeting could be lobbying.  And how his 4 year old son has told him it is beyond his skill set.

I've seen how bad JJOKE is at getting these commissioners connected remotely you don't have to prove how incompetent JJOKE is when it comes to technology.

But rather than watch JJOKE struggle with their tweeting opinion for 6 months.

Let me see if I can help . . . it's been a long time since I wrote an opinion on lobbying but if you really feel you need one on social media try this.

The use of social media to attempt to influence the introduction of legislation or the passage yada yada yada is lobbying.

It wasn't that hard was it?

I'm going to tweet how stupid JJOKE is I hope a legislator reads it and introduces a bill abolishing JJOKE.  I hope it gets retweeted a 100000 times.  Now if you think I spent over $5000 to tweet come and get me JJOKE I'd love the diversion.


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