Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dick Dadey has a short . . . memory

PreDICKtably DICK Dadey is all over the news saying this is the moment for ethics reform.  It's our Watergate moment.  What a DICK!!!

Since DICK can't seem to remember all the times he and his friends have DICKed up ethics reform and since it appears to be okay to just say the same things over and over again I've listed a selection of previous blog posts on the subject rather than writing anything new.

I do have 2 constructive suggestions for the governor and the legislature if they want to take a step in the right direction and avoid more criminal prosecutions:

First, hire me to review your financial disclosure reports and provide you ethical guidance.  Pay for it from your campaign accounts and think of it as insurance or an ethical bullet proof vest.  I've been pitching this idea for years and a couple of legislators now former legislators have been honest enough to tell me that most electeds don't even want their wives to know their financial dealings (I get it)

But that brings me to point 2.

Simple fix to the disclosure requirements and one I would advise all legislators to do voluntarily right now.  ATTACH YOUR TAX RETURN TO YOU FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT.  No question about where the income is coming from and conflicts would be disclosed for all to see.  Of course those that don't want to disclose their tax returns are probably the same ones that don't want to hire me to do their financial disclosure forms.

Thank god DICK Dadey is their to protect us.

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