Thursday, February 14, 2013


Quickly on the heals of JJOKE's not too subtle tossing of a media hand grenade yesterday came Dick Dadey's press release lauding JJOKE's historic accomplishment.

Now excuse me if I sound cynical Dick but I'd love to see you under oath explaining what prompted that press release and if you coordinated it with anyone in government.

But putting aside for the moment how completely the goo goos have been coopted lets talk about the merits of your praise.

After a six month investigation prompted by a complaint from your sister goo goo prompted by a "suggestion" from the governor prompted by the Assembly's own investigation of Lopez . .  JJOKE determines that . . oh my god the assembly investigation was correct Vito Lopez IS a pig.

Now that is indeed historic

I'm not sure any other ethics agency has ever wasted that much time energy and resources to prove something so widely known.  It was in a word underwhelming

Now while I have been consistent in saying JJOKE is the wrong entity to investigate sexual harrassment in government, and trust me Vito Lopez isn't the only one, if you are going to get involved do it well.

Did JJOKE investigate sexual harrassment thruout state government Dick?

Did JJOKE investigate why no other agency was able to prevent Mr. Lopez from continuing his behavior?

Did JJOKE investigate all the leaks surrounding the investigation?

And lets think about all the things JJOKE did not investigate while it was busy proving that the Assembly investigation that proved Lopez was a pig six months ago was accurate. HISTORIC

JJOKE did not:

Investigate Boyland's per diems - DiNapoli did

Investigate per diems thruout the legislature

Investigate Shirly Huntley - the feds did

Investigate member item corruption in general

Investigate unregistered lobbying related to fracking

Investigate unregistered lobbying for campaign finance reform - you may be a witness in that one Dick

Investigate unregistered lobbying by the state democratic party in recent television advertisements

Investigate Susan Lerner's Common Cause source of funding disclosure

I could go on and on and I might later today but I thought I'd give you a chance Dick to followup on your press release and tell the public what JJOKE has accomplished in its first year.

Take your time make some calls to the 2nd floor get your story straight and then pray you and I never end up on a panel together talking about "ethics reform"

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