Friday, February 8, 2013

Odds on Integrity

If the title sounds familiar it's because I used it on December 2 2011.

Over a full year ago I wrote a blog about William Boyland and per diems.

What a coincidence.

In that blog I wrote that DiNapoli could investigate per diems

What took so long Mr. DiNapoli?

Oh well better late than never I guess.

Here was my actual quote

"Do the mental exercise again. What if all 211 lawmakers were scrutinized for their per diem claims and bundling practices? How many of the lawmakers would have issues?

It’s not often you can bet on a sure thing."

Do you know who else should have investigated per diems?

Duh wtf are you working on Ms. Biben?  Your resume?

Of course it might be awkward for JJOKE to investigate per diems since the entire New York City office was collecting their own form of per diems during February, March, April and May when there was no New York City office.

I think this is what Milgram would call a technical problem that has been resolved.

Governor aren't you embarressed by this bunch of clowns?

JJOKE what else do you need to say.  The odds on integrity are getting longer all the time

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