Monday, February 11, 2013


Say what you want about John Milgram's ability as a Public Information Officer.

Say what you want about John Milgram's ability as a reporter (does anyone remember).

Say what you want about John Milgram's ability as a manager (most of the folks that I ask say he is an asshole).

Say what you want about the amount of carcinogens John Milgram is responsible for emitting during a work day.

But don't ever say John Milgram lacks comedic timing.

When it comes to comedy Milgram is the Lenny Bruce of ethics, he is the Richard Pryor of transparency he is the Eddie Murphy of Biben's world of misfit toys, in a word the man is a GENIUS.

The AP's Michael Gormley writes a story today about the "technical glitch" and/or intentional leak at JJOKE and Milgram basically tells Gormley  and everyone else that is asking to go fornicate themselves.

And then in a bit worthy of Howard Stern announces a "SPECIAL COMMISSION MEETING" tomorrow without the requisite notice and to rub salt in the public wound says it will NOT be webcast.

I guess they have not rectified that technical glitch.

I've been told Biben and DiFiore refuse to speak if there are any web cameras or mics in the room.

Now my guess is the vast majority of commissioners will be using some form of technology to vote on the Lopez case (oops I leaked my bad) since I doubt they can get 7 live commissioners in that room tommorow.

I hope for Milgram's sanity none of my super secret spy equipment that I have planted thruout the JJOKE office is able to eavesdrop on the meeting.

Or worse than that I hope no one allows Rob Cohen in the meeting with a cloned cell phone, I read the CIA can actually use your cellphone as a microphone without your knowledge.

Or I can save everyone the trouble and just tell you to tune in to the blog after the meeting it should take less than one hour for the world to know that JJOKE found Lopez to be a pig with a violation of subsection (h) that has no penalty, no violation of the Public Officers Law at all by Silver, DiNapoli and Schneiderman but JJOKE is recommending changes in procedures for there offices.

A couple of Commissioner resignations and then we can get back to asking what it is that JJOKE has accomplished in the last year?

No really thats not a joke, what have they done?

I'm serious stop laughing

Damn that Milgram is good.

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