Tuesday, February 26, 2013

JJOKE to investigate orgys and minstrel shows aka the New York State Legislature

After exhaustive undercover (no pun intended Vito) research we have learned that JJOKE decided today to investigate Assemblyman Dov Hikind for his recent Purim party.

As we type this blog we are reliably informed that Susan Lerner and Dick Dadey are waiting by the phone for the green light to prepare a complaint to JJOKE about Assemblyman Hikind's use of blackface as a costume.

Once JJOKE receives the complaint they can then ratify the actions taken today after Milgram cut the wire on the webcast and leak a story that a 15 day letter has been sent to Assemblyman Hikind asking him to explain why his tasteless and racially insensitive actions in wearing blackface do not constitute a violation of the Public Officers Law section 74(h) (thats the catchall do as we say not as we do moral high ground part of the ethics law).

Six months of investigation, a ton of staff time to chase down every shred of  meaningless evidence, Mr. Hikind's refusal to testify and JJOKE can wrap up this matter and send a report to legislative ethics which will be secret for awhile and then we can await the next case of deviant behavior by a legislator it won't take long trust me.

Now when I started to write this blog my thought was to use the opportunity to show that JJOKE had no more business getting into investigations of racial insensitivity than it did sexual harrasment but the more I think about it . . . why not?  Public Officers Law section 74(h) is so broad there is more than enough room to hang Dov Hikind right alongside Vito Lopez.  Vito's a pig and Dov is a knucklehead.  And even JJOKE should be able to prove that.

Of course while JJOKE fiddles Albany will burn and important integrity issues will go uninvestigated and unpunished.

Thats the state of ethics reform in New York quite an improvement from the old days . . . don't you think?

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