Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Senator calls for an investigation of Governor's office

I never thought I would be saying this I AGREE WITH SENATOR LIZ KRUEGER

Read Senator Krueger's quote in the New York Times:

"If what was reported is true, that there are people in the governor's office who have directed the commission not to follow through on subpoenas, that is worthy of it's own investigation."

It's actually a very easy investigation to perform.

The Moreland Commission has 3 co-chairs who approve subpoenas.   Put all 3 under oath and ask them about the issue.   For good measure ask the other Moreland Commissioners what they know.  And then to put icing on the cake ask Barbara Bartoletti to disclose to the public what is going on.  Barbara should have done that already without an investigation.  All those years being a goo goo calling for more disclosure and she finally gets to work in the sausage factory and doesn't tell us how the sausage is being made.  Another goo goo hypocrite co opted  and joining the list of Dadey and Lerner.

Anyway once you get the under oath testimony you will know if anyone in the governor's office violated the Dopp provisions of the Public Officers Law or if anyone on the Moreland Commission committed perjury during the investigation.

The only problem is the investigation would have to be commenced by the governors wholly owned ethics agency JJOKE.   JJOKE to investigate MOREJOKE?  That doesn't seem likely . . . or does it?

Remember JJOKE is now split internally between the cut dog gubernatorial appointees and the newly empowered legislative employees.

All it takes is some of the legislative employees to bring the issue up in a public session and we are off to the races.

Or JJOKE can do nothing and play right into the media perception that MOREJOKE is a rigged game.

How bad can these folks get at doing the PR spin surrounding ethics?

Maybe I should send Susan Lerner and Dick Dadey a strongly worded letter explaining how foolish they look. . .

One last thought on MOREJOKE and money in politics  How about the following as the theme song for the governor's birthday fundraiser?

It's not Marilyn Monroe at the Garden but hey you gotta start somewhere

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