Monday, October 28, 2013


Jim Odato had a paragraph in his column today about JJOKE

Waiting and hoping within JCOPE
Another government panel that meets in private and divided on issues is meeting Tuesday. A few people within and close to state government with ties to the Joint Commission on Public Ethics say the commissioners are planning to try another vote on the preferred candidate for executive director, Letizia Tagliafierro. She is JCOPE's director of investigations and is a protege of the Cuomo administration. Tagliafierro, a lawyer who has handled external and governmental affairs for Cuomo's gubernatorial and attorney general operations, couldn't get enough votes in a commission meeting earlier this year, according to a person in the legal community briefed on the matter.
The commission may take up the executive director issue at its regularly scheduled meeting in Albany, two people familiar with the matter say.

I've written about this before every JJOKE meeting since this summer.  It really is old news.

I even know from my inside sources how the vote will go tomorrow and who is voting for and against, I know which legislative appointees have been told to vote for LT and why.  The only question I have about tomorrow is will it be done in public?

The outcome of tomorrows vote is not nearly as important as the questions the media should be asking such as:

Why has it taken 6 months?

What changed since the last meeting?  Did LT become more or less appealing?

Has anyone from the governor's office lobbied for LT?

Is anyone thinking about how difficult it will be for LT to lead after this delay and her obvious connection to the Governor.

And someone should ask LT why she wants to do this job?  There really is no upside anymore . . . trust me no upside.

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