Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Congrats to LT

My insiders have reliably informed me that LT will be named the next executive director of JJOKE.

A deal was struck and several legislative appointees will vote for LT after months of refusing to do so.

Only a couple of questions are left to be answered.

Will the no votes insist on the vote being done in public?

Will the no votes at least be able to discuss in public the process?

Will the yes votes explain to the public why we should believe LT will be independent of the Cuomo administration?

Will the legislative appointees explain why they changed their votes and what caused them to make that change?

Why is LT the right candidate now when she has been the wrong candidate for 6 months?

I am especially interested in Gary Levine's public discussion of the questions posited above.

Anyway congrats to LT I'm not sure why you would want the job under these circumstances but I guess you have your reasons.

And who knows you may turn out to be a breath of fresh air after Herb Teitelbaum, Barry Ginsberg and Ellen Biben.  If not I'll be sure to be talking about it in the blog

As to the commissioners until you explain what took so long I'm going to be a cynic and assume Uncle Vinny found some takers for that piece of business he was shopping or Dan came up with something better or this deal got cut at much higher levels and everyone is just following orders.

At this point it doesn't matter the public has lost faith in JJOKE  that's why the governor created MOREJOKE.

It's like an ethics groundhog day and I'm Bill Murray.

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