Thursday, October 31, 2013


That's a phrase Jim Odato and the Times Union ought to be gracious enough to use when they report on something 7 hours after I have posted on the blog.

I posted the 5 NO votes on Letizia Tagliafierro's appointment as executive director of JJOKE at 3:14 pm.

If you want to know whats going on with JJOKE Jim just call me I'll tell you and save you the trouble of ripping off my reporting.

Now to the important stuff and Jim you may want to take notes so you can report as if it is your exclusive.

I've narrowed down the vote flippers (the ones that were NO until something made them YES)

It's 2 of the following 3 (and it may be all 3 if David Renzi voted NO which I'm told he did)

Gary Lavine
MaryLou Rath
Joseph Covello

Now what a real reporter would do is find out what these 3 Republicans had in common when it comes to there vote.

I've spoken to Gary enough times to know that his was not a vote of conscience if he voted yes.

Something else got people to switch votes and if I had to guess I would guess that it involved a violation of the Public Officers Law

But what do I know?

I do know the only way to serve on an ethics agency and sleep well is to act independently with integrity.

Given that measure I'm sure Ellen Yarashefsy, Marvin Jacobs, George Weismann, Renee Roth, Pat Bulgaro, and Ravi Batra are sleeping like babies.

Lavine, Rath, Covello, Horwitz, Uncle Vinnie, Arroyo, Hormozi, DeArcy and Knox not so much ... here is a song for you

And Mariano is not coming in to save you he is there to close out JJOKE

Don't worry about bedbugs worry about subpoenas

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