Wednesday, October 30, 2013

That didn't take long

Using my super spy skills and technological gadgets that I have in place in the JJOKE conference room, my dedicated analysts have deciphered the data and determined who voted AGAINST LT for the JJOKE executive director job.

And it's more than you think.

5 NO votes during the super secret enclave before we got the white smoke.

What makes this interesting is that at least 2 yes votes had been no votes last time so who flipped and why?

It really cries out for LT to investigate her own appointment.

Put the commissioners under oath and ask who they spoke with and what they were promised or threatened with.

The real problem for LT is that over 1/3 of her commissioners DO NOT WANT HER   ouch

Well I can tell you from experience (many times more than half of my commissioners did not want me) your best protection LT is to do your job in a very public way and be judged by your actions.

For example hold a press conference and tell us what you plan on doing at JJOKE.   I've been watching JJOKE for years and have not heard you say one word.

Find your voice.

By the way I really don't have any bugs or spy's its just that JJOKE leaks like a sieve and I know who to ask.

All you disgruntled commissioners and employees keep the intel coming I found my voice a long time ago.

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