Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Let them eat cake

Congats to Andy and Carl

For yet another tremendous job on "ethics reform".

New York will once again lead the nation in the scope and reach of it's ethics policies.

We will have the most transparent government anywhere in the known universe.

And government corruption will cease and a more open and honest legislature will emerge.

And Lucy will never pull away the football Charlie Brown is about to kick.

And the check is in the mail.

And Casey Seiler isn't a pompous dilettante (how do you spell dilettante Casey?).

And Carl was actually being frugal with the purchase of a $38000 Jeep, most of his friends are leasing $80000 Escalades (of course they can't make the lease payments but that's what credit cards and debt consolidation loans are for).

Just a couple of observations before I end by saying this is the same ethics bullshit Andy's been shoveling since he first ran for gov.

Our ethics laws are already sufficient but NO ONE is enforcing them (other than Preet).

How do new laws help if NO ONE is enforcing them (other than Preet).

On the disclosure of outside income when will it go into effect? and what are the exceptions? (you know there will be exceptions).  Why can't Andy and Carl actually release the language of the new ethics laws? (is it because they haven't actually agreed on specifics?).  Here is how that negotiation went:

Andy - Carl lets just say we agree on ethics reform that will make Dean and Schneiderman look bad.

Carl - silence

Andy - Great now give me a big hug for the cameras and I'll send you a set of 20 inch rims for the Jeep.

Carl - 20's? everyone else is rolling on 22's.

Andy - I'll use my campaign funds for 20's if you want 22's put the difference on your credit card.

Carl - I can't, my personal Visa is maxed out.

Andy - No Carl just use Shelly's old Assembly credit card.

Carl - (big smile) Governor not only is that a great deal but I'm happy we could get to that place.

The best part of this is how consistent Albany is.  You can count on what's going to happen.  Andy announces the latest scandal shows we need ethics reform.  He announces a simple multi point plan to solve the issue and threatens dire consequences for any that oppose his multi point plan (be it Moreland or linkage to the budget).  A little saber rattling then the big announcement that ethics reform is a done deal (and it basically follows the multi point plan but with lots of exceptions).  The media dutifully report the announcement as a meaningful event.  The co-opted goo goos all gather to praise the plan.  Blair Horner politely points out it was not everything the goo goos wanted but half a loaf is better than none no matter who bakes the bread.  It's months before anyone realizes that the new ethics reform isn't any better than the 5 ethics reforms that came before it because NO ONE is enforcing the new laws (other than Preet).  Another legislative leader is indicted and we start baking bread all over again.

No one enjoys watching the loaves of bread rising more than I do.

To quote Jean-Jacques Rosseau "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche"

For everyone other than Casey that means let them eat brioche.

For most legislators with less refined tastes, that do not know what brioche is, try


I'm just wondering when the heads will start to roll.

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