Thursday, March 19, 2015

What is the success rate for those bribing New York public officials?

I think it is 100%.

Shocking, I know but think about it logically.

Are bribes offered to elected officials at the state level?

The answer obviously is yes just based on the number of criminal cases that have been successfully prosecuted.

Does every offered bribe get accepted?

That answer is not as obvious.  You would think the answer is no, someone must be turning down the bribe (if for no other reason than negotiating a larger bribe).  But how disturbing is the fact that not one single New York elected official has come forward to say I've been offered a bribe and here is the name of the person that did it.

That's simply amazing.  That means every bribe that is offered is accepted.  100%. Every bribe every time.

Because if a bribe is offered and not accepted why wouldn't the trusted elected official publicly report it?

The media should poll the legislature and statewide electeds and ask have you ever been offered a bribe?

If the answer is a uniform no across the board (as I imagine it will be) then lets just stop getting so worked up over ethics reform.  Accept that every bribe offered is accepted (by the one bad apple) and everyone else is honest and hope Preet and/or your local DA can make some cases.

And it's not just bribes.

It's corruption in general.

Did you see Cuomo's response to the Senate's proposal to require disclosure on the outside income of his girlfriend?  His spokesman said they will start requiring disclosure of legislator's girlfriends (I'm assuming he was referring to their income not their status).  It's a great threat because like bribes girlfriends in politics is a given BUT if the governor knows of some particular abuse why make the threat?  You should just report what you know. The same logic applied to the Moreland commission.

You don't need ethics reform to do the right thing.  You just need people to do the right thing.

How long until someone reports they were offered a bribe?  Will it happen before the next "ethics reform"?

I can say in all my years in government I was never offered a bribe.  But with a 100% success rate can all of our public officials say the same thing?


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