Monday, March 16, 2015

You can't make this stuff up

My vast network of spies, informants, tipsters and rumor mongers combined with all the listening devices I've planted at JJOKE and that key I use to get in and rummage about for confidential information has reliably informed me that JCOPE is aware of and asking questions about the new speakers habit of doing his best David Paterson impersonation when he is downstate and relaxing.

Specifically they are interested in his attendance at a Brooklyn bar for a lobbyists birthday party.  It seems Speaker Heastie showed up with his trusty sidekick lobbyist Patrick Jenkins and proceeded to party like he was a regular guy . . . who didn't pay for anything.  As long as Carl has receipts to show no lobbyist gave him a gift the JJOKER's should be satisfied.  But being compared to David Paterson in your first month is not a good start Carl.  I know you've been told but appearances and ethics matter.

Now I have to laugh when I read the Cuomo camp is chastising the senate dems for not following the state's FOIL laws.  Someone please point out to the 2nd floor that if they really cared about FOIL they would tell JJOKE to follow FOIL.  After all they actually could make JJOKE follow FOIL all they can do with the senate dems is talk about it.

On that same note did you read about Skelos and Flannigan belonging to law firms that have clients that benefited from there official actions in voting on bills?  Applying that logic to JJOKE, when are the lawyers on JJOKE going to tell us who the clients of their firms are so we can check them for conflicts.  How ironic will it be when "ethics reform" occurs and legislators will have to disclose their outside income and clients to JCOPE but the JCOPE commissioners will not have to disclose their clients to anyone.  Does anyone remember Cherkasky, French, Alonso, Celli and Emery?  All ethics commissioners with conflicts in the lobbying world, hell Emory, Celly and French were even registered lobbyists at some point.

Maybe David Paterson can send a letter calling out JJOKE and the Gov for being hypocrites.

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