Monday, December 14, 2015

JJOKE needs a Preet

It has been over 4 months since LT quit as the head of JJOKE.  Got herself a job at Tax just like previous JJOKE (PIC) head disaster Barry Ginsberg and left us with the parting gift of Cuomo uber hack and Chief of incompetent Staff Kevin "I want to be boss because Andy told me to" Gagan  $165944 and the self involved pair of Gaganites John Harford $132000 and former LT classmate and buddy Stacey Hamilton $120000.  By the way what else do Harford and Hamilton share other than a connection to Gagan and long lunch hours?  Stay tuned I'm running those rumors down and will keep you apprised.  Remember Kevin, John and Stacey people are watching . . . all the time.

Four months and still no news on a new boss at JJOKE.  Every meeting we get an update from some committee on JJOKE, the search committee? or the national search committee? or the lets wait until we get new legislative appointed commissioners search committee.  I don't know about the rest of the applicants that JJOKE has previously said weren't good enough (how did you feel about that snub Kevin?) but I haven't been contacted for an interview.   Even after they give you the job next year you will always be known as the Cuomo hack that wasn't good enough for the rest of the Cuomo hacks)

When I met with Martin Levine to talk about his consultant opinion I asked him if he was surprised I hadn't been interviewed.  He looked shocked, not that I hadn't been interviewed but that I actually thought I would be.  He said why do you think they would interview you after you've spent the last three years attacking them personally? 

Now it was my turn to be shocked  what did my opinion about how bad these commissioners and staff are have to do with who should be the next person to run JJOKE?

I asked Martin if he knew of anyone who knew more about the Lobby Act and ethics laws in New York and was as independent as I was?

Silence, he didn't have a name.

Is Gagan more qualified?

Now here is why Martin is one of the few good ones at JJOKE.  He asked me what are the qualifications?

And that got me thinking why haven't the commissioners at JJOKE told us what they are really looking for?

Now I doubt they even know themselves or have thought about it but tomorrow each and every one of them should in public session when the topic comes up on the agenda speak out and tell the public what they are looking for.   It is the absolute least they can do.

As "ethics reform" returns to Albany like a $2 hooker to planned parenthood looking for another abortion to solve the problem, we should just take a deep breath and realize the most important "ethics reform" is about to take place at JJOKE, as they select the next executive director. 

It's always been about the people no matter how often the Governor tells us about historic reform and the most transparency in the history of government. 

You want transparency?  get the JJOKE commissioners to answer questions in public.  That's the only reason I want to be interviewed.  I have lots of questions to ask in that interview and I will insist on the press and public being able to be there as witnesses.

But here is a good start for the JJOKE crowd that has done such a terrible job of being the ethics watchdog over the last 4 years. 


After reading, every commissioner that believes that have the guts to stand up in front of the media and talk about the state of ethics and corruption in New York should.  The other 14 must resign!!!!

I'd even settle for any commissioner telling us  how JJOKE has helped curb corruption in the corruption capital.

Hell I'd even take a conversation about Cuomo's book deal and promotion thereof using state resources.

I'd even settle for Emily Logue $101959 (she's a JJOKE lawyer investigating the topic of using state resources for private gain) getting off her high horse and looking at Cuomo using his state office to promote his book.  Or if that is too sensitive Emily try asking Walter McClure $78752 about an email he received from the official email account of the executive chamber inviting him to a holiday party and toy drive being hosted by . . . get ready . . . the NEW YORK STATE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

There you are Emily or Kevin or Dan or any other JJOKER that claims to be independent and investigating corruption no matter where the facts lead them.

I'll bet you are surprised Kevin "I want to be boss because Andy told me to" Gagan  $165944 that you didn't know about that little gem.  I'll bet Walter McClure $78752 never thought of himself as a witness to corruption (other than being in on the executive sessions).  I would have told you sooner but as you said we have nothing to talk about.

JJOKE sticks their collective heads in the sand and ends up looking up each others asses.

As for the rest of us we are left to listen to the same old same old bullshit on ethics.  I don't know about you but it brings this song to mind, which I'd rather listen to any day of the week.

If you dropped enough acid would Renee Roth ever remind you of Lauryn Hill?  Which would of course make Dan Horwitz . . . Wycliff Jean

How's that for a bad acid trip

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