Friday, July 6, 2012

It's a small world and a company town

Yes it's Financial Disclosure Friday 

We cull the Financial Disclosure Reports of JJOKE commissioners and employees and report to you potential conflicts, connections and interesting data.

It's a slow holiday week so we will save the good stuff for later and just provide two head scratchers.

They may mean nothing, they could just be a coincidence or they may help connect some dots.

This is why these reports are so much fun for me.  Although I must admit a counselling session with a good psychiatrist would be quicker and probably more helpful.

Under the heading it's a small world.

The JOKE recently hired a new associate counsel, Joanna Cohn Weiss, who previously worked at Davis, Polk and Wardwell LLP.

According to her financial disclosure report Janet DiFiore's spouse , Dennis Glazer, is a General Partner at Davis Polk Wardwell.  Makes you wonder how Ms. Weiss got her job.

This next one may be a total reach and may just be an odd coincidence or it may answer a question I've had for awhile.

Why was Shari Calnero the only former PIC staffer fired by present JOKE commissioner Mitra Hormozi hired back?  I've heard Terri Schellaci asked that Shari be brought back to help reduce a backlog caused by the lack of attorneys after Mitra iced them all, but that didn't make sense because there were plenty of other lawyers that Mitra iced that were looking for work.  I heard Shari had some heavyweight political connections with the second floor that put a word in for her, but that didn't make any sense to me either given her prior political patronage connections.

And then I saw this piece of data.

JOKE commissioner Vincent DeIorio's spouse's maiden name is . . . Calnero.

I don't remember where Shari grew up but the DeIorio's are from Utica I believe.

Next week we will get back to more concrete issues from the Financial Disclosure Files.

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