Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ravi Batra vs John Milgram

Sources inside JJOKE tell us that a mini civil war is breaking out between the ever quotable Ravi Batra and the ever smokeable John Milgram.

The subject?

The surprisingly good press Ravi has garnered for his alleged resignation from the New York State Trial Lawyers.

Which of course has resulted in not surprising bad press for JJOKE Chairwomen Janet DiFiore and the JJOKE in general.

Lobbying in this establishment? I'm shocked!

Word is from inside the JOKE that Milgram is trying to muzzle Ravi.  Protect his turf and let the other commissioners know that they speak at their peril.

The powers that be want one voice and one message and that's John "smokestack" Milgram.

Ravi on the other hand actually believes he has a first amendment right to say whatever he wants.

You gotta love that amendment.

I'm rooting for Ravi.  But I'm betting on Milgram.

Say what you want about Milgram, and I have, but JJOKE has not said anything of substance for six months.

They've been silent about:

secret meetings,
the chairpersons parking tickets,
the vote for Biben,
where Biben was for the first trhree months,
where the NYC office is and why they have one,
The Libous investigation,
why they fired old lobby commission staffers,
the need for a chief economist,
source of funding rules,
business relationship rules,
Uncle Vinny's hiring practices,
what happened with the filing system this weekend,
the list goes on and on

So if Milgram's job is to keep a lid on disclosure he is a master, you have to wonder why someone this talented has worked his way off the second floor and into JJOKE.

But Ravi has a talent too.

It should make for a good fight.

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