Friday, July 6, 2012

Uncle Vinny

Okay so it took a little more computer research but the answer is in.

Shari Calnero IS related to JJOKE commissioner Vincent DeIorio's spouse.

The puzzle pieces fit and that explains how and why Shari was rehired by the JOKE after Mitra Hormozi fired her from the last integrity agency.

But now I begin to wonder if this group of ethical mavens bothered to tell the other ethical mavens how and why Shari and Joanna Cohn Weiss got their jobs?

Ravi? any thoughts? do you want to tell me what wonderful family people they are?

Family as in NEPOTISM?  The Public Officers Law actually would apply except for the fact that Uncle Vinny is not an officer by definition because he is paid on a per diem basis (no wonder they are all so quick to tell us they are unpaid, it exempts the JOKE commissioners from the Public Officers Law)

So in the long run it is not a violation of the Public Officers Law but it sure adds to the case that JJOKE is a bunch of conflicted, do as we say not as we do, hypocrites.

The IG actually had a case on nepotism that they referred to Shari's former agency.  I wonder if she worked on it.  The policy discussion is right on point.

Now Uncle Vinny would not be the first person in Albany to help a relative get a job but its just so unseemly when Caesar's wife gets caught with her hand where it doesn't belong.

I'm telling you there is gold in those financial disclosure reports if anyone bothers to look.

And Ellen don't think I've forgotten that you tried to shovel me your bs that Shari was just hired as a temp to get rid of the backlog.  Between the family connections and the law firm connections and your buddies from the IG you hired in NYC its a regular gathering of the tribes.

Ravi feel free to comment anytime you like.  these are your people. . . PLAYA

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