Sunday, July 15, 2012

You owe me a consulting fee JJOKE

Sometime after the blog last night that the JJOKE system was broke it got fixed.

Congrats somebody must have gotten the call after the blog was read to get out of bed (in Albany because none of the New York City JJOKErottis are driving to Albany to do the work) and cleared disk space.

Now would it be too much to ask that Head JOKEster, Ellen Biben, get John Milgram to issue a press release explaining what happened, who caught the error, how it was fixed and what the JOKE will be doing to accomodate the lobbying community that were without the ability to file reports for an entire day just prior to a filing deadline?

An apology would be smart.

Who do I send my consulting fee invoice to?

I'd say forget it but that might be seen as an illegal gift.

Instead of trying to get paid  I'm going to change focus from Biben, Uncle Vinny, the chief economist and Phd and the rest of the overpaid JOKEeratti to the people that are truly responsible for the JOKE being foisted on all of us. . . That would be the appointing authorities that picked the clowns in this three ring circus.

With all due respect might I suggest that while moving on to fix campaign finance you spend a moment and revisit your past triumph of fixing ethics.

While you are tweaking the law consider sh*tcanning the appointees

BECAUSE ITS THE PEOPLE not the law that really matter.

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