Friday, April 5, 2013

Ellen Biben could not manage a lemonade stand but she is perfect for the joke that is NY's top ethics agency JJOKE at its best

*UPDATE* So what did JJOKE do when they learned of my having access to the bank account?  Did they start to audit the account? Did they review the internal controls? No of course not  Instead they blamed a low level staffer and called Key Bank demanding to know all the facts about when I found out How I found out etc   I felt like I was being stalked.   Instead of wasting state resources trying to find fault with others Ms. Biben just say thankyou and resign.  And be very careful about what information you try to bully out of Key Bank about my activities I'd love to accuse you of doing something unethical . . . AGAIN

Does anyone want to know how much money JJOKE has on deposit at Key Bank in account number 325750033665?

It was $29954.98 on Thursday and its $31004.98 as I write the blog.

How could I possibly know this information you might rightly ask?

Have I hacked into the JJOKE computers?

Nope I don't have that expertise and if I did the JJOKE bank account would be way down the list of things I'd want to look at Biben's state Blackberry would be a better choice  I'd bet she is using it for non state purposes GATEWAY VIOLATION

Do I have a mole in the JJOKE administrative unit?

Nope not my style and I don't like any of them enough to actually talk to them and if I did the JJOKE bank account would be way down the list of things I'd want to look at I'd want to look at Biben's travel records I'd bet she charged the state for her travels to Albany before the New York City office was opened GATEWAY VIOLATION

So how did I get the information.

Well its actually worse than my just having the information about bank balances I could withdraw those funds anytime I want.

Now I would never do that because I am not a thief and that's not enough money to turn me into one.

I could also put stop payments on any checks written on that account.

I could even freeze the account

I didn't do any of those things much as I wanted to

How is it possible I have those powers?

Because I am an authorized signatory on the Joint Commission on Public Ethics Key Bank account.

There are only two signatories on the account and I am one of them Jeanine Clemente is the other one.

How could that happen?

I asked that same question

And since I was allowed to see the bank records as an authorized signatory I requested and received copies of the latest statements that are being sent to 2 Empire State Plaza suite 1701 (the old Lobby Commission address).

And I found out the account is the JCOPE deposit account being swept into the Office of the State Comptrollers account once a month.

It didn't look like anyone was using the account inappropriately so I checked further and discovered the account was opened in 2004 (back when the Lobby Commission was still in existence) so there was a reason for my name being associated with the account.

I had one last request for Key Bank I wanted to see the signature cards to make sure its my signature.

And then I instructed them to remove me from the account and investigate why I was still on it 5 years after I left an agency that was eliminated.

Still lots of questions for Biben to answer though.

Why would a Lobby Commission account still be used after the agency was abolished?

Why hasn't the address been changed and who is getting the statements at the old address?

Why didn't anyone notice that for over 5 years a nonemployee had access to the account?

Why weren't any of the many executive directors since  my position was abolished added to the account to replace me.  Tietelbaum, Ginsberg and Biben (thats a real whose not who of ethics huh)?

How many internal controls have you violated by only having one person (Jeanine Clemente) as an authorized signatory who actually works there?  Do you realize the potential for misappropriation of funds?  There is a very good reason to have two signatories.

I hate to do your job AGAIN Ellen Biben but you better order an audit of this account back to September 2007 and review all the internal controls and then RESIGN

I don't think Biben could manage a lemonade stand much less New Yorks top ethics agency.

Oh you probably want to know how I found all this out.

Thats easy I bank at Key Bank and a 24 year old teller without the sterling resume Biben and Clemente have reviewed my accounts and was sharp enough to realize I HAD NOT HAD ANY CONTACT WITH THIS ACCOUNT FOR THE ENTIRE TIME I HAVE BANKED AT KEY and told me to look into it

Do you think the teller might be the right person to run JJOKE?

Nah she is too talented.

Oh and before you get your shorts in a bunch after finding this information out I immediately notified the bank, a former FBI agent and a former high ranking state employee to make sure I wasn't doing anything wrong and I wasn't but someone at JJOKE probably was and is.

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