Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Horwitz era begins

Todays JJOKE meeting marked the start of the new Dan Horwitz era at JCOPE.

It had some ups and some downs.  First the downs:

Horwitz said he plans on building on the foundation that Janet DiFiore laid at JJOKE - if you ask me anything built on that foundation should be condemned and quickly.

Horwitz read a statement that at best sounded forced and stilted, he forgot to introduce himself but then again it didn't matter since no one was listining.  At worst it sounded like the 2nd floor kabuki dance that it probably was - lets hope Dan takes my advice and starts making himself available to the media for some candid interviews.

Biben was still sitting at the chairs right hand - one can only hope they are actively trying to find a landing spot for Ellen because until she goes JCOPE will be a JJOKE - proof in point Biben announces new gift regulations proud of the fact that nominal is now defined as $10 only problem the statute says food and beverage under $15 is exempt as a gift.  So I guess a coffee cup worth $11 is a crime but if you fill it with $3.99 worth of coffee it's ok.  Makes a lot of sense doesn't it.

Now for the good

Horwitz did not get a parking ticket.

Horwitz announced what happened in executive session thats a big change from the secretive DiFiore days - of course he did not announce the motions or votes held in the executive session but it's a start and under the open meetings law I can now request the minutes of the executive session under FOIL

But most importantly I will go out on a limb and guess that JCOPE will announce shortly that they voted to notify legislative ethics that if they do not release the Lopez/Silver report 90 days from February 13 2013 JCOPE will do so unilaterly pursuant to statute.

The Dan Horwitz era has begun now the only question I have is when is Biben being shown the door?

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