Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to make popcorn

I walked into the JJOKE offices the other day and the smell of burnt popcorn permeated the building

A little research soon disclosed that the microwave on the 2nd floor had been ruined by the head of the JJOKE education unit.

So recognizing the lack of training at JJOKE and  how that is creating serious problems both inside and outside the agency I decided to become proactive

Watch the following

I've now provided more training on the blog than JJOKE has done in the last year.

Not only that but the head of training may actually learn something that could help her do her job without burning down the JJOKE offices and ruining any more microwaves.

Just think if Governor Cuomo's new ethics agency and it's self aggrandizing director, employees and commissioners learn how to make popcorn they may someday be able to solve the rest of the states ethics problems.

No more Malcom Smith issue

No more Lopez issue

No more Libous issue

No more Yoko Ono issue

No more Campaign Finance issue

No more Katz issue

No more Democratic Party lobby ads issue

I could go on and on and on and on and on

But for now I'll just settle for seeing if Biben et al can learn how to make popcorn

Every watchdog/lapdog/attackdog has to be housebroken before you can expect them not to ruin your . . . microwave.

The longer Biben remains in charge of JJOKE the more responsibility the Governor has for the state of ethics in New York.

One last thing  I know that JJOKE opened a Buffalo office recently to "serve" the western part of the state but is there any truth to the rumor than an office in Colorado is soon to open?  It seems quite a few commissioners and high level employees have been dialing in to meetings apres ski.  Ahhh the life of the rich and clueless.

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