Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who's wearing a wire?

With all thats going on in Albany when it comes to "ethics reform" I thought I'd go into the archive and rerun one of my favorite blog postings  It's particularly timely and appropriate in todays political environment.  From March 12, 2012

We Should All Be Wired

“As the federal probe into city Controller John Liu’s mayoral campaign widens, the embattled Democrat is so politically toxic that bigwig union supporters are afraid to speak with him, source said Thursday.”

“…One union president said he was very nervous to be chatting with Liu – for fear the controller might be wearing a wire.”

This was in Friday’s Daily News. It’s obviously not good for Mr. Liu, but it got me to thinking: What’s the big deal? Why is the concept of being overheard so problematic?

Take me, for instance. What would the Feds find out about me if someone I was talking to was wired?

Well, they’d find out that I’m intemperate at times. I’m judgmental. I use salty language. I’m obsessed with the hypocracy of ethics officials who fail to follow the laws they are supposed to enforce. And they’d find out I’m a wise ass.

No surprise here – as regular readers know well.

This leads me to ask this question: What have the union “bigwigs” been up to that makes them so nervous?

Such excessive concern about being overheard makes me think that there are some real shenanigans going on. What is it? Payoffs? Quid pro quo arrangements?

Now I’m thinking that being wired is a really good thing. Maybe we should all be wired. Let’s wire the lawmakers. Let’s wire the people who raise funds for lawmakers. Let’s wire the lobbyists.

Think of what the world of Albany would be like if everyone was wired.
If everyone was wired I'm sure Albany would be a better place but far less interesting.
Anyone want to guess which Albany lawmaker used his campaign funds to hire a magician . . . twice?

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