Tuesday, July 30, 2013


In todays WRGB6 news poll 96% of those who responded said they do not trust JJOKE

I'm not making this up . . . 96%


Who are the 4% Milgram and his family?

96% don't trust JJOKE

Pay attention Gary Lavine, Mitra Hormozi, George Weisman and anyone else on JJOKE that places any value on their reputation.


No wonder Pat Bulgaro resigned.  He knows what that 96% figure means.

It means when Gary Lavine suggests letting JJOKE keep a list of the identities of those who donate to organizations who JJOKE exempts from disclosure, the public is saying we don't trust you with that information.  We think you are going to give it to others.

It means the governor better start paying attention because JJOKE is his creation and by creaing a Moreland Commission to do the job JJOKE was formed for the Governor is part of the 96%, he doesn't trust JJOKE either.

Insider X has given me a tip that Larry Schwartz tried to get Skelos onboard for the Latitzia appointment as Executive Director.  Todays meeting proved Skelos is part of the 96% who don't trust JJOKE either.  No legislative appointees would vote for Latitzia and Horwitz needs to reload.

And careful observers noticed when Horwitz and Uncle Vinny tried to avoid a vote on tabling any exemptions from source of funding Renzi, Jacobs, Yaroshelvsy and Weismann all insisted on a public vote on the motion.  They are part of the 96% as well they don't trust Horwitz or Uncle Vinny.

And did anyone notice the animosity between Jacobs and Horwitz?  They don't like each other.

Insider X tells me Weismann can't stand Horwitz either.

JJOKE is coming apart at the seams.

Anyone want to bet on how long Horwitz puts up with this legislative rebellion?

I'm sure Pat Bulgaro realized by resigning he let us all know he is part of the 96% as well.

96%  that is an amazing number.

With just a little more work I think we can get the other 4% to see the light.

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