Friday, July 12, 2013

Grab your umbrella

It’s been raining a lot lately and over the last few days I’ve spoken to some folks who told me it was raining but I think they were just pissing on me.

For example I had someone tell me that they were told the governor had instructed his Moreland Commission Executive Director to make sure the Working Family Party and Citizens Union was subpoenaed as part of the effort to clean up Albany.   I’m supposed to run to their defense and stick it to the gov.  Somehow this is good news for me?  First I like the gov’s style and have no desire to be on the other side of this guy in a fight.  He scares me.  Second I don’t do squat for free anymore write me a retainer check and we can talk otherwise good luck.

Then I spoke with JJOKE big shot Martin Levine.   I’m not sure why Martin was the one to call me since I left messages with Uncle Vinny’s niece Shari Calnero (who is in charge of education) and some other “lawyer of the day” whom I never heard of to answer a simple question.  Can you file the source of funding disclosure electronically?  I have a client that needs to do so but we can’t figure out where on the electronic form to do so.  Well Martin I guess was knowledgeable enough to answer the question, which begs another question why do you have this other two Jokesters if they can’t answer that question?  Anyway Martin told me you can’t file the source of funding electronically it has to be done on paper.   So I asked then that means once you file electronically you can do the source of funding on paper as an amendment after the 15th.  I got silence and then this profound statement “I guess so I’ve never thought about that” Yeah it’s been a year genius and you’ve never thought about that.  So I followed up with why haven’t you made the source of funding form available electronically?  And I got this rainstorm “well the regulations are not approved in final form”   so what you have the paper form using the emergency regs “yes but to change the electronic application would be an additional cost”  Here’s a suggestion fire all the incompetent lawyers at JJOKE and you would have plenty of money to update your system   IT’S BEEN OVER A YEAR WHAT A DISGRACE!!!!!!!!

Then to complete my rainstorm trifecta I heard from a JJOKE Commissioner.  Don’t be surprised I talk to more of them than you think.  And they call me I don’t call them.

This one wanted to know why I thought the JJOKE commissioners were not to be trusted.  I answered honestly that it was my opinion that they were not independent.  The commissioner disagreed and I then offered the following examples.  Did the commissioner know former ED Biben had an outside teaching job? Yes    Did the commission approve the outside employment thru a formal vote?   No they did not but why was that important?  To which I yelled  BECAUSE YOUR OWN REGULATIONS REQUIRE IT.  Will the commission investigate Biben’s violation of the Public Officer’s Law as a result?  Point made.

Next since you think the commission should be looking at the root cause of Albany corruption will you investigate Biben’s improper expense reimbursement during the months she lived and worked in NYC although there was no NYC office?  Answer we were told she didn’t have any.   Well I have the records from the Controller’s office would you like them to commence your investigation? Silence  point made.

Then to divert me I’m sure the commissioner asked what I thought about the Moreland Commission.  My answer was a question why do we need Moreland and JJOKE?  Isn’t one failed ethics agency enough? Point made

And then we wrapped up with a discussion about the next Executive Director of JJOKE.  This commissioner could not answer if they thought Latitia Tagliafierro was qualified for the job (your job just got harder Mr. Horwitz)  I suggested that at the next meeting the commission discuss the job search in public  I even offered to get the other 7 votes if this commissioner made that motion .  Point made  And by the way I gave this commissioner the name of the person who is qualified and wants the job but can’t apply since she already works for the administration and the 2nd floor really really wants Latitia.

Moral of the story to those that feel the urge to talk to me   Don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining.  And if you come looking to change my mind about ethics in Albany bring your lunch because it’s going to take awhile

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