Wednesday, July 24, 2013

FORE . . .play

Well yet another case of sexual harassment by a member of the legislature is in the news.

It's weird but Susan Lerner and Dick Dadey haven't filed a complaint with JJOKE yet.

For that matter the gov has not said publicly that JJOKE should investigate.

If I was Vito Lopez I'd be claiming he was targeted for some reason other than his being a pig.

Remember I did warn you that if JJOKE started investigating sexual harassment under the Public Officers Law it would be a slippery slope to a rocky bottom.

There is supposed to be a JJOKE meeting next week to ram thru the new Executive Director vote maybe by then JJOKE can leak that they are investigating this new case of sexual harassment.

As an aside Insider X has returned and told me a very interesting tale.  As always I can not speak to the truth or veracity of the account but it is thought provoking.

Insider X claims the 2nd floor has a mole in the Assembly.  This mole is well placed to know what's going on and to report back to the 2nd floor.  The mole supposedly got caught up in the Lopez investigation and was represented by counsel with ties to the 2nd floor.  1 + 1 quickly added up to 2 for the mole and he got himself clear of the Lopez case.  Now Assembly secrets go straight to the 2nd floor.   Might explain how the most recent sexual harassment complaint that has not been investigated by JJOKE got to the media.  

Doesn't sound plausible to you?  Ask David Patterson if it could happen.

If Joe Bruno was smarter or less of an old school standup guy he'd learn a lesson and do the same thing.

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