Monday, September 23, 2013

JJOKE dotting i's and crossing t's

Insider X tells us that congratulations are in order for JJOKE's new executive director Letizia Tagliafierro (I hope I spelled that right I don't want to start off on LT's bad side . . . I know  know I'm already there).

It took a while but enough arms were twisted and inducements offered to get LT the votes.  It didn't hurt that the other candidates either dropped out, were hired by JJOKE or those friendly to JJOKE or didn't have sufficient gravitas to work for JJOKE.

The only question left is will Marvin Jacobs and/or George Weisman have the sack to insist on the vote being done publicly?  Face it guys you lost all you can do now is exert a price.

LT I've got a bunch of issues you should address.  After you're anointed give me a call we can chat about all the problems you are going to face or don't and you can just deal with the problems until you end up where Biben, Ginsberg and Teitelbaum all did.


PS  Gary I can't wait to hear you explain your vote. . . unless of course the vote is done in executive session in which case rest assured the next time we speak you can explain why it had to be done in secret.

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