Friday, September 20, 2013

The Wandering Dago

And no we are not talking about the state police code name for the Governor's helicopter.

Why would the blog care about an ethnically insensitive name on a food truck?

I love food trucks and the wandering dago's menu looks delicious but there is a significant ethics issue related to the wandering dago.

What am I talking about?

No not the use of the helicopter to fly to the Adirondacks to float down a river . . . although that might be worth looking at.

No I'm talking about a Cuomo appointee, Bennett Liebman, use of his official position to  secure unwarranted privileges or exemptions for others.  A clear violation of the Public Officers Law.

It was Liebman using his official position that provided NYRA the motivation to ice the wandering dago.

Now Darren Dopp never tried to harm a wandering dago, although Joe Bruno, an Italian-American that traveled quite a bit on state aircraft, might disagree, but Dopp never the less was investigated by the Public Integrity Commission and ended up paying a significant fine for his actions related to his official position.

I know I would sleep a lot better if JJOKE did a thorough investigation of Bennett Liebman's role in this whole wandering dago fiasco.

What do you think Dick Dadey? Susan Lerner? Barbara Bartoletti? Blair Horner?

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