Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Out of the closet Rob Cohen

Rob Cohen is a lawyer for JJOKE

Rob Cohen is Special Counsel and Director of Ethics and Lobbying Compliance at the New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics

Rob Cohen is a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School

Rob Cohen always thinks he is the smartest person in the room, and when he walks into closets looking for the restroom he actually is although the umbrella gave him a run for the money.

According to some commissioners at JJOKE Rob Cohen is an arrogant SOB.

And there are some other people at JJOKE who are not Rob Cohen fans.

How do I know this?

Lots of people who know what goes on at JJOKE talk to me on a regular basis and sometimes they even send me gifts.  Like the copy of Rob Cohen's Attorney registration detail I received today.

According to this document and the Appellate Division 1st Department's web site Rob has been even more arrogant and hypocritical than I thought.


How in the name of ethics does the Special Counsel and Director of Ethics and Lobbying Compliance at New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics allow his attorney registration to become delinquent?

How do the commissioner's of JJOKE, most of whom are lawyers allow an attorney whose registration status is delinquent sit in judgement of others or provide advice to the regulated community about timely and/or accurate filing or draw up regulations for lobbyists and state employees subject to JJOKE's jurisdiction when he can't even keep his own registration status current.

Physician heal thyself.

Now maybe the web sites wrong, maybe the 1st Department of the Appellate Division has out of date lists and maybe someone in JJOKE just wants to make Rob's life miserable.

But maybe it's true.

Either way Dan Horwitz has another headache to deal with.

If it's true Rob Cohen cannot work at JJOKE anymore and if he does JJOKE can not fine anyone for being late with a filing ever again.

Hey Rob if I got it wrong just let me know and I'll post a correction on the blog.

If I got it right JJOKE better explain publicly how far up their own ass they can stick their head.

JJOKE no agency has ever been more aptly named.

And if any reporter cares just call me I'll give you the document.

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