Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pat Bulgaro - the most powerful JJOKE commissioner

I'm sure Pat will be amazed to see his name among those commissioners approving the $20,000 settlement that JJOKE reached with Mercury Public Affairs.

You see the settlement agreement wasn't signed by JJOKE until 9/11/13 Pat resigned in June or July.

You see the settlement was never announced in public session even if it may have been approved in an executive session and the law requires all actions related to the Lobby Act to be announced in public session so we don't know when this happened but the last meeting I remember Pat being present for was the May or June 2013 meeting.

Pat must be one really powerful commissioner to still be able to get things done  months after he resigned.

As an aside did you notice who signed the agreement for JJOKE?  Latizia Tagliafierro, without a title.

I know I've been writing about the commissioners being left out of the loop but did anyone authorize LT to sign other than Edgar Bergin/Charly McCarthy aka Horwitz/Milgram?

It looks like the band is steering the Titanic.

Just when you thought you were out Pat they pull you back in.

As for the rest of the commissioners buckle up and watch your reputations sink while Milgram claims to be "the king of the world"



    Three minutes testimony: what a joke. The Moreland Commission on Facilitating and Furthering Public Corruption doesn't even acknowledge e-mails sent to them. I got a few replies from Calcaterra (her first one having nothing written by her, just e-mailing me back my own e-mail. After those few replies, no reply at all to other e-mails and never any reply from other members of the Calcaterra crime family.

  2. E-mails received from Calcaterra, who has absolutely no intention of ending public corruption so far as I can tell: