Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Another one bites the dust

Well we were expecting more resignations in the wake of the fiasco at the last JJOKE meeting.  Yaroshefsky threatened to resign but she is still there.  Note to JJOKE commissioners don't point the gun unless you can pull the trigger.  Rumor has it she will depart sometime this month once Silver can find a replacement.

But lo and behold someone else's name is no longer on the letterhead and their bio and picture is missing from the website.

UNCLE VINNY (Vincent DeIorio) has gone into the JJOKE witness protection program.

Could he be in Lillyhammer?

Could he be in Marvin Jacob's basement?

Could he be singing with Elvis?

Nope he just resigned without JJOKE telling anyone.

My god they are paranoid.  It's just a resignation there have been lots before and there will be lots in the future.  A simple press release announcing his departure thanking him for all his hard work and move on.

But not JJOKE.

I have contacted Milgram for confirmation and a comment  If he responds I'll post it word for word.

Hey Shari Calnero does your job go with Uncle Vinny or do they let you stay without an Uncle who is a commissioner?

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