Friday, December 13, 2013

Twas the night . . .final version

Twas the night before ethics reputations get ruined 


Twas the night before Christmas and all thru the JOKE

No staffers were working since LT to date had not spoke


All decisions must wait for LT to decide

But until Andy tells her what to do LT is just along for the ride


Biben’s posse is still there secure in their nest

Monica had been to RAO’s with LT her spot in the lifeboat secured she said to hell with the rest


Biben was gone back to the city she did flee

Who do they think they are kidding she never actually was working in Albany


LT’s appointment proved to all that the JOKE was being run

By a governor who was shoveling ethics bullshit by the ton


The vote split nine to five in favor of Andy’s ethics moll

And exposed Gary Levine like a turd in a punch bowl


Now the word is out

It won’t be long till more commissioner’s shout


I resign I resign just like Ravi and Pat

We can’t stay any longer and not get tagged as a rat


Yaroshevsky has left and Weisman is skiing out west

Marvin is clueless and the Skelos appointees are playing it close to the vest


But it doesn’t matter anymore JJOKE has been exposed

Just a bunch of clowns jumping thru hoops and doing as they are told


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I’ve drawn a line in the sand 

When people don’t do the job I’ll do all that I can to get them shitcanned


Don’t think than I’ serious let me assure you I’m pissed

If you have any doubts just look at my list


No more Ralphie or Bridget someone else had to get Terri

Jeanine is still there but not Bob, Scott or the wooden Indian named Larry


It took over a year but Biben's now gone and DiFiore is impersonating the grinch

This year I’m focusing on Horwitz and Levine but will settle for Uncle Vinny in a pinch


As a result of Biben’s hires the JOKE has a lawyer named Rob

who walked into a closet

And failed to file his attorney registration for over two years

A mere oversight he did posit


Let’s not forget Ellen had rehired Sharri on Uncle Vinny’s say so

And brought on Monica who for a short time got to run the show.


But  now we’ve got a new leader

Letizia is her name

She’s the top dog now

and it’s her job to show the JOKE hasn’t gone lame


It took six months to get her appointed

I wonder what was wrong that Andy had to wait so long for her to get anointed


Many calls I did get from clients and friends

Go easy on LT give her a chance to make amends


She is really a nice person and will rise to the occasion

I’ve heard this before when Biben was the answer to the equation


But I will try one last time to be helpful in this Holiday season

You've proven so far to be trustworthy exhibiting no sign of treason

Remember if things go wrong and you don't like the picture

To give me a call and I'll try to be your fixer

But if all else fails do what past leaders did best

Have Monica call a staff meeting you must quell the unrest


With their heads filled with nothing cause their dopes one and all

Jeanine and Deb said not us we’re taking a long lunch at the mall

So now your stocking is brimming with complaints piled up high

And with no direction from Andy in wait you must lie


When all of a sudden the phone it did ring

Its Horowitz calling “The governors upset it’s become quite disturbing”


What I can do, LT nervously exclaimed

Cancel the next meeting he patiently explained

We will give you a plan to handle the press when they attack

Unfortunately for you it will include the smokestack


So here’s some advice LT, so you don’t join the long line

Of clueless ethics cop Grandeau has forced to resign

Lest we forget I got Herb and then Barry

Now I got Biben and normally I’d stop there before it gets scary 

And so I heard him exclaim as he flew through the sky

LT don’t be afraid, Let your independance flag fly HIGH

You can count on the media to miss the point everytime

Casey is too busy reading proust and critiquing my rhyme

The days when reporters sniffed out corruption are far in the past

Now Seiler and the TU would rather write boring columns for there own social caste  

But don't despair LT if all else fails  you can do what I did in the end
Forget the media and get the feds to help you make your amends


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