Thursday, November 10, 2016

twinkieleaks 12 A tale of two Agencies

Once upon a time things were different.

From: Horowitz,dan (JJOKE)
Subject: NYC Lobby Bureau
Date: November 10, 2016 6:59 AM
I just heard from one of the big guys former trusted aides that we need to take some more shots at Mayor D.  He suggested that we start pointing out all the things the NYC Lobby Bureau is missing that we are doing.  Like our imputed gift cases, our stellar work on the One New York investigation and that book you want to write.  So while I was down in Puerto Rico doing undercover work at the Sumos El Futuro conference (by the way make sure my expenses are covered quickly because the Battery Park City folks will not pay for Shari's costs and she is spending a fortune down here) I used the free wi fi to take a look at what NYC is doing for Lobby enforcement.  Did you know they actually cross index our registrations to catch lobbyists that should be registered in NYC?  They even look at the persons lobbied field to see if any NYC targets are listed.  I didn't even know that was a field on our registrations.  Have you checked NYC filings to see who is registered in NYC but not with us?  Or is this another Percocco case where your utter incompetency will come back to bite us in the ass?   Not only is NYC Lobby doing much more work than us their online system is light years ahead of ours.  Haven't we been allowing that Pataki retread, Jeanine, to double dip long enough?  When will our new system be ready?   And to top it off NYC is doing this with just one lawyer, Jamie Chirichello, while we have like 20 people.   Why don't you fire Martin and hire Jamie?  Let her work out of the NYC office, there isn't anyone there anyway.  Come to think of it maybe I should fire you and hire Jamie to run JJOKE.   Although that may be the margaritas talking. 


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