Monday, August 23, 2010

Congrats to special counsel Ralph and Coach Fruscio

I’ve been told that when someone at the commission does something right I should note it in the blog And special counsel Ralph is that person As an aside I ran into a lobbyist at a recent Valleycat’s game who told me to keep “breaking it off in Ralphs a**” (I guess special counsel Ralph has quite the fan club)

So in an effort to have the blog be fair and unbiased (it really isn’t) I want to congratulate the special counsel on his horse’s victory today at Finger Lakes No wonder the special counsel has been out so much lately he’s turned into the horse whisperer I wonder if the special counsel is using his status as a horse owner to obtain any privileges up at the summer place to be perhaps special parking or access to box seats Remember NYRA is a lobbyist and you are a special public official Ralph I’d hate to see the star chamber do to you what they just did to the governor

Anyway congrats again Ralph I know how proud you must be Now lets see if you can muster the same passion to finish the Abruzzesse investigation (its been three years) and answer my question of DID THE COMMISSION CHANGE THE WAY IT DETERMINES DUE DATES (its been 11 days)

Oh who’s Coach Fruscio you ask? That’s Ralph’s horse

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