Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I just got back from the commission’s star chamber hearing on the governor’s Yankee ticket problems Although I’m not sure how it’s the governor’s problem you see I didn’t hear one piece of evidence that the governor solicited the tickets just a lot of hearsay that had no business being admitted but your lawyers don’t show and it’s déjà dopp all over again

I counted no fewer than 10 commission jesters oops employees in the room including the guy dressed like an undertaker and manning the door Did the state taxpayers really need to pay Scott Clark to wear his wedding suit and stand guard at the door? Who was he guarding it from the folks that stole the chairs last week? Chairs which by the way were back in their rightful locations in the reception area Anyway with all those folks in the star chamber if Mike had tried calling today to get an answer to my question all he was getting was voice mail

Let’s look at Mike’s call log for today:

Call Ralph – he’s out today (and with the track dark that’s strange) he will be in next Tuesday though before taking Wednesday Thursday and Friday off next week

Call Barry - nope he’s watching the hearing but you better leave a message because he leaves on a one week vacation shortly

Call Deb the commission’s secretary – nope she’s watching the hearing

Call the other special counsel Terri (my bet on the jester that actually planned the great chair heist) - nope she’s watching the hearing too

Well since I probably have a better idea than Mike about who actually knows the answer to my question and not to make mountains out of mole hills but I would call Christina You know her Mike she’s the program supervisor who took over both supervisor jobs last year when the other supervisor quit

Christina knows the answer just ask her

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