Monday, August 16, 2010


Well it’s day 4 and still no answer from the king his court or the court jesters Give them time you say last time when the question involved one of their own they sent me an answer in ONE day Of course they where clearing him from wrong doing no need to actually check the facts then BY THE WAY I still haven’t heard a response to my request to investigate Barry Ginsberg for sending me a legal opinion of the commission based on facts he never bothered to establish while at the same time letting the target of my question know of his opinion - shades of Teitelbaum leaking to the target of an investigation I won’t hold my breath waiting for the king and his court to look into Patrick the starfish’s activity on that one

Anyway in the hope that the reason I haven’t received an answer this time is because the chair or ottoman or whatever title they insist upon nowadays – its Michael as far as I’m concerned – doesn’t know let me assist you Michael by providing written instructions on how to get an answer to the question of DID THE COMMISSION CHANGE THE WAY IT CALCULATES DUE DATES

Step 1 pick up phone
Step 2 dial special counsels Ralphs number – do it on a Tuesday the track is dark then
Step 3 ask him

Hope that helps

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