Thursday, August 12, 2010


Just got back from the Public Integrity Commission’s meeting. I’ve got enough material to do 3 or 4 blog posts just from that one meeting. But since Casey from the TU was there and subjected to the same conditions as the rest of those attending the meeting I wanted to beat him to the post. This being part of the media is turning into an addiction but it did have a bright side and some perks as you will read below.

OK the public part of the meeting lasts about 20 minutes and nothing of much interest is discussed. Then comes the executive session when those of us in the general public and the media have to leave the room (I haven’t decided at this point which group I’m in, public or media). Out to the reception area we go where lo and behold all the furniture is gone. No chairs to sit in and wait. Hmmm could the budget crisis be that bad that the PIC sold their furniture? Oh well we will all just go sit in one of the two conference rooms out front plenty of chairs in there. But no the doors are locked. Must be a lot of sensitive documents related to all the cases the PIC is working on.

After another 30 minutes here comes a food delivery from Lunch. (A great sandwich joint around the corner) and there it goes into the conference room where the king and his court also known as the commissioners and staff must be hard at work on executive session matters. Another 30 minutes and lo and behold out strides commission flak Walter Ayers, well fed no doubt. At this point I decide I am part of the brethren of the ink and ask Walter “Hey Walter can you open the rooms so the press can sit down? (And the ladies that are part of the general public). Walter says “I will look into it” but miracle of miracles 5 minutes later the receptionist unlocks the door for us and we are allowed behind the magic door and what do we see?

You guessed it all the furniture from the reception area. Why would the commission lock away the furniture? Probably the same reason they have lunch during executive session in the hope that everyone leaves before the question and answer session that occurs after the meeting is adjourned.

Not only did it not work, we all hung in there till the bitter end, but I took the big comfy chair. To make up for it, next meeting anyone that waits in the furniture less reception area while the royalty has lunch will be treated by me to our own lunch Jeff Spicoli style. Just let me know what you want on the pizza I’m going to have delivered to the reception area, bring a blanket and a folding chair we will have a picnic.

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  1. Just a private observation and not for publication:

    Mr. Casey's item in the TU of 8/15/2010 reports that you apparently were put on notice by Mr. Miccio that your blogging efforts may be in violation of the "lifetime" bar prohibiting your working on "any issue that came before" you while in state service within the meaning of POL Section 73.8(i) or (ii)or, more likely Section 12.

    Hmmm. I would if Mr. Miccio would opine that such prohibitions apply to me as well, in view of my blog at

    as prior to retirement I served as acting counsel to the NYS Dept. of Civil Service.

    Harvey Randall